Teen on teen crimes are on the rise in Gilbert.  I’m sure you have heard of the Gilbert Goons and other teen attacks occurring in Gilbert recently.  Specifically, there were three (3) teens charged with aggravated assault for a fight that occurred in a Gilbert parking garage at an In-N-Out restaurant and the Gilbert Police Chief confirmed during a recent press conference that his department has arrested a total of twenty-five (25) other teens for other violent crimes in Gilbert. 

Teenage Crime – Gilbert Goons

So what are the three (3) teens actually facing?  All three teens, Kyler Renner, Gage Garrison and Jack Woods are facing one charge of aggravated assault, a class 6 felony and Mr. Woods is also facing an additional charge of aggravated assault, a class 3 felony.  It is important to note that Mr. Woods is merely 17 years old; however, the State has decided to charge him as an adult in these matters.  A felony of any sort sounds scary and leads people to think that the teens are going to receive a prison sentence.  However, for first offenders, this is often not the case and usually do not serve any jail or prison time at all.  If this is truly the first time these teens have been trouble and they have no criminal history, then Mr. Renner and Mr. Garrison are more than likely facing supervised probation of up to 3 years.  But, if the State Prosecutor wanted to push for jail or even prison time then these two particular teens, could face at a range of .33 years up to 2 years in prison.  Mr. Woods faces the most egregious of the counts since he is facing not only this same sentence but is also facing an additional range of 2 years up to 8.75 years in prison and up to 5 years of probation for his class 3 felony offense. 

Without opining on whether or not these teens are guilty or not guilty, the jail/prison time each of these teens face are severe and will have a lasting effect on their entire lives from being able to go to college, to obtaining employment once they are potentially released from prison or jail and not to mention what they will face should they go to jail or prison as they will undoubtedly be housed with more serious criminal offenders.         

-Ben Dodge, Esq.,

Founder – Managing Partner, Dodge & Vega Lead Trial Attorney

Ben Dodge