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How Paternity is Addressed by the Law

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Divorce couples have several steps they must go through before they are able to reap the benefits of a shared custody, decision-making rights or parental responsibility regarding their child or children. Before a father can be comfortable and enjoy his rights of his child, he must start by establishing his claim to his child through Paternity.

Establishing Paternity does more than just provide the father of the child with rights to spend personal time with his child or children. It also protects the mother and child by enforcing specific guidelines regarding parental obligations, support and more.

  • Paternity will provide a child born out of wedlock with the ability to pursue a healthy and fulfilling relationship with his or her father.
  • Paternity gives the father legal rights to custody, visitation and decision-making.
  • Paternity allow the mother to have the opportunity to seek child support from the child’s biological father.

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How to Claim Paternity

A man is able to claim paternity of a child one of two way.

  • First, if the birth certificate of the child was signed by the father due to his presence during the birth, he is able to claim the child as his own. If both parents are in agreement on the paternity after the child’s birth certificate has been signed, they are then able to file a motion to add the father to the child’s birth certificate.
  • Secondly, if a man is uncertain a child is his own, or the mother of the child is unwilling to acknowledge his paternity, he can still prove parentage through testing with the family court.

Whether you want to contest paternity or prove yourself, allow a professional and experienced attorney from Dodge & Vega to assist you with advice, guidance and support through this journey in gaining your rightful place in your child or children’s life.

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