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Are you an unwed or divorced father having a hard time gaining your rights of access or decision making for your child or children? Let our father rights attorneys assist you. Whether you are currently in a civil relationship or an unhealthy one with the mother of your child, obtaining your father rights will assure you have unrestricted communication and access to your child or children long term.

Child support, visitation and decision making are the top rights that are all defined within the legal process within the Arizona court system. There are regulations and specific laws that determine how child custody and support are defined, while also having a set legal process in order for gaining your rights and responsibilities. The attorneys at Dodge & Vega are here to provide you with advice and guidance through the entire journey.

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How Our Father Rights Attorneys Can Help

If you are a father struggling with family law issues as a result of a divorce, let us help by providing you with dedicated support alongside professional knowledge. Whether your divorce was contested, uncontested, or was a separate process that has already been finalized, our father rights attorneys can help you with child support and custody.

If you have an existing custody plan that needs adjusting, our family law and divorce lawyers may also assist with parental relocation, custody modification, or other matters related to your relationship with your child or children.

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