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Are you someone who is struggling with family law issues? We get it. It’s mentally and emotionally draining. That’s why the Mesa attorneys at Dodge & Vega are here to provide you with support and guidance during these tough and challenging times. With being an Arizona family law firm, our experienced divorce lawyers are here to support you during every aspect of your case, including: divorce, paternity, child custody, support, relocation and more.

As a whole, we understand this isn’t what you wanted or expected. No mother or father wants to have to worry whether or not they are going to be able to maintain a stable and healthy relationship with their child or children. We will help navigate you through this process as well as provide the tools you’ll need to design a plan for what your future with your child will be going forward.

Family Law Matters We Can Help You With


Whether your marriage has ended in a bang or has slowly fallen apart over time, divorce is certainly not easy.

Child Custody

Divorce is never simple. When children are involved, it can take that heartbreak to an entirely different level of complicated.

Child Support

It is your legal responsibility to financially provide for your children? Married or divorced, AZ has strict child support guidelines.

Father Rights

With 40% of United States children born outside of marriage, many unmarried parents find themselves struggling to get the rights they deserve regarding their minor children. Don’t be the parent who struggles. Get help today.

Modification / Enforcement

Life is full of changes, and it’s possible to change a divorce order to help you cope with those changes. Divorce modification is the legal process of amending a divorce order issued by a court.


Unmarried couples have additional hoops they must jump through before they can reap the benefits of shared physical custody, parental responsibility, and decision-making rights regarding their minor children.


It’s common after a divorce for one parent to relocate to another city or state. This may be for a new job, a new spouse, or a chance to start a new life. Whatever the reason, one parent’s move will have a major impact on custody.

Grandparents Rights

Although this is in area that is sometimes overlooked, divorce can also be an anguishing process for grandparents, especially if the divorce restricts access to your son or daughter’s children.

Termination of Rights

Termination of parental rights is a very serious matter. We will help walk you through the process if the parent whose rights are being terminated has consented, and will help you put together a case if they have not.

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