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Struggling with family law issues is emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. The Mesa family law attorneys at Dodge & Vega, PLC are here to support you during these most challenging times with advice, support, and dedicated legal representation. As a complete Arizona family law firm, our experienced divorce attorneys are there for you through every aspect of your case, including legal support for divorce, child custody, child support, father’s rights, and more.

Father's Rights

As skilled Arizona family lawyers, we understand that this wasn’t what you wanted or expected your life to be. No one ever wants to have to worry about whether or not they will be able to maintain a relationship with their children, or if they will be able to support themselves after a divorce.

Dodge & Vega, PLC helps you navigate the family law landscape, working with you through the unique obstacles and legal challenges you may face. We provide the tools you need to create a workable plan for what your life and future will be like going forward. When you are facing tough times and have lots of questions, the experienced family law attorneys of Dodge & Vega, PLC provide answers and insight to help you actively move forward in pursuit of your best possible life.

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Experienced AZ Family Law Firm

With over 35 years of dedicated legal expertise under our belts, it is clear to see why Dodge & Vega, PLC is the right partner for your Arizona family law case. As comprehensive family law attorneys, we are able to manage and support you during every aspect of your Arizona family law issues, from financial discovery to negotiation, as well as modification and enforcement of existing orders.