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Unfortunately car accidents are more and more common! They can be very traumatic. Even if you are not hurt in the car crash, there is always the fear and uncertainty the accident leaves in its wake.

If you are injured in a car crash, the consequences can be severe. You may need time off work or even an extended leave of absence. Then there is dealing with property damage, rental car costs, and medical bills- it can all be extremely overwhelming. Filing an accident claim in Arizona is crucial to avoid financial devastation. Using an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer makes a huge difference in the results of your legal case. Our personal injury attorneys at Dodge & Vega are legitimate trial lawyers. We don’t take no for an answer, and we thrive in the court room. You can always start by scheduling a free case evaluation with one of our expert personal injury lawyers.

How long do I have before I am unable to file my claim? Understanding the Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Claims in Arizona is crucial.

The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Arizona can vary quite a bit. However, for most typical car accident claims the time frame is two years from the date of your accident. There are akways exceptions and this time frame can vary depending on the nature of your claim. If the driver is uninsured or under-insured the statute of limitations is three years.

What about government car that hits me? If the other driver involved in the crash is a governmental employee, police officer or other public official, the statute of limitations is much much shorter. In such a case you have only six months from the date of your motor vehicle accident to file your paperwork with the correct governmental agency letting them know you intend to file a legal claim. Then you have a single year from the date of your accident to actually file your lawsuit. These dates are crucial! Missing either and your case will most likely be summarily dismissed.

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Common Arizona Car Crash Statistics?

As of the most recent data available, Arizona continues to experience a significant number of car crashes. In 2022, there were approximately 1,178 fatalities and 119,991 non-fatal accidents reported due to vehicular collisions in the state. These statistics highlight the ongoing importance of road safety measures and accident prevention efforts in Arizona.

2022 Arizona Crash Facts Summary1

Breakdown of all Crashes in Arizona

  • 119,991
  • 1,178
  • 35,878
  • 82,935
  • 103,571
  • 16,420
  • 5,489
  • 1,888
  • 1,159
  • 2,911
  • 19,493
  • 100,498

Breakdown of FATAL Crashes in Arizona

  • 1,178
  • 202
  • 775
  • 403
  • 346
  • 832
  • 65
  • 137

While the nature and extend of injuries sustained in a car crash can vary greatly depending on the nature and severity of your car crash, there are some common types of injuries sustained in car crashes, these include:

1. Whiplash: Neck and upper back injuries caused by sudden jerking movements.
2. Fractures: Broken bones due to the impact of the collision.
3. Head Injuries: Concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and skull fractures are common in car accidents.
4. Back Injuries: Spinal cord damage, herniated discs, and other back injuries can occur from the force of the crash.
5. Soft Tissue Injuries: Damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons can result in pain and limited mobility.
6. Internal Injuries: Organ damage or internal bleeding may occur without visible external signs.

It is important to seek medical attention after a car accident to assess any potential injuries even if they seem minor at first.

What are the Steps to an Arizona Car Accident Injury Claim?

When filing a car accident claim in Arizona, there are several important steps to follow. Review our simplified list below:

1. Seek Medical Attention: It is crucial to prioritize your health and well-being. Seek medical treatment for any injuries sustained in the accident.

2. Report the Accident: Contact local law enforcement to report the accident. Obtain a copy of the police report for documentation purposes.

3. Gather Evidence: Collect as much evidence as possible from the scene of the accident, including photos, witness statements, and contact information.

4. Notify Your Insurance Company: Inform your insurance provider about the accident as soon as possible to begin the claims process.

5. Consult with a Qualified Attorney: Consider consulting with a qualified car accident attorney who can guide you through the legal process and protect your rights.

6. File Your Claim: Submit your car accident claim with all necessary documentation to pursue compensation for damages incurred.

7. Negotiate Settlement: Work with your attorney to negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies or other parties involved in the accident.

8. Consider Legal Action: If a fair settlement cannot be reached, discuss options for pursuing legal action through litigation or mediation.

By following these steps carefully and seeking professional guidance when needed, you can navigate the car accident claim process effectively in Arizona.

One of the more important decisions you will need to make is whether you will pursue a personal injury case against the other driver and their insurance company. If you were injured in the crash, we strongly recommend retaining a qualified personal injury lawyer to ensure your rights are protected and your results are maximized.

Following the submission of your car accident injury claim, the insurance company will conduct an investigation to establish liability and evaluate the extent of your injuries. It is essential to retain all medical bills and documentation as they can be crucial in advancing your case.

Insurance companies don’t really stay in business by paying large settlements. Unfortunately they typically try to pay as little as possible. The insurance company may make a settlement offer at any time during this process, especially early on if you are unrepresented by an attorney. It is extremely important not to talk to them directly. Instead, you should refer all calls from the insurance company to your lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to prevent the insurance company from low balling you on your case and determine the fair value for your injuries while getting you the maximum compensation you deserve.

What Steps Should I Take After my Car Crash?

After being involved in a car accident, follow these crucial steps to protect yourself and your legal rights:

1. Check for Injuries: First and foremost, check yourself and others involved in the accident for injuries. Seek medical attention immediately if needed.

2. Move to Safety: If possible, move vehicles to a safe location out of traffic to prevent further accidents.

3. Call Emergency Services: Contact the police to report the accident and request medical assistance if necessary. Obtain a copy of the police report.

4. Exchange Information: Collect contact details, insurance information, and vehicle registration numbers from all parties involved in the accident.

5. Document the Scene: Take photos of the accident scene, including vehicle damage, road conditions, traffic signs, and any relevant factors.

6. Gather Witness Statements: Obtain contact information from witnesses who saw the accident occur and are willing to provide statements.

7. Notify Your Insurance Company: Report the accident to your insurance provider as soon as possible to start the claims process.

8. Seek Medical Attention: Even if you do not feel injured immediately after the accident, it is essential to undergo a medical evaluation to identify hidden injuries that may arise later.

9. Consult with an Attorney: Consider consulting with a car accident attorney who can help guide you through legal proceedings and ensure your rights are protected.

By following these steps diligently after a car crash, you can safeguard yourself legally and seek appropriate compensation for damages incurred during the incident.

How are Damages from Car Accidents Calculated?

In Arizona, damages in a car accident legal claim are calculated based on various factors. The following are some of the key elements considered when determining the value of a car accident settlement in Arizona:

1. Medical Expenses: This includes all medical costs related to your injuries, such as hospital bills, surgery expenses, medication costs, and rehabilitation fees.

2. Lost Wages: If you had to miss work due to the accident and your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and any decrease in earning capacity.

3. Property Damage: The cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle is typically factored into the settlement amount.

4. Pain and Suffering: Non-economic damages like physical pain, emotional distress, and mental anguish caused by the accident may also be considered.

5. Permanent Disability or Disfigurement: Compensation may be awarded if the accident resulted in long-term disability or disfigurement that affects your quality of life.

6. Loss of Consortium: If the accident has affected your relationship with your spouse or family members, you may be eligible for compensation for loss of consortium.

7. Punitive Damages: In cases where the at-fault party’s actions were particularly egregious or reckless, punitive damages may be awarded as a way to punish them and deter similar behavior in the future.

It’s important to note that every case is unique, so it’s recommended to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can assess your specific situation and help you navigate through the legal process to pursue fair compensation for your car accident injuries in Arizona.

Pro insight: Although not always the most accurate, it is definitely one of the most widely used and significant factors in determining your case value (i.e. the damages you may expect in settlement): your medical damages. Your actual medical expenses can be a good estimate for the severity of your injuries, and severe injuries typically translate into higher settlements. Consider a jury someday trying to decide how badly hurt you were in your car crash. Now consider that you sprained your wrist instead of losing your arm entirely. Both are injuries, but one of them just “sounds” like it hurts more and is easier to relate to. This is an over simplification as to why the greater the medical expenses in your case the more likely you will get a bigger settlement- because it is easier to understand that “hurt”, the “pain” and the “suffering” you must have endured. The medical damages make a nice easy to understand paper trail for calculating damages.

Of course these are only guidelines, and it is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your specific case in detail and determine the extent and nature of your personal injury damages. Calling a qualified Arizona personal injury attorney as soon as possible is the best way to preserve your rights and ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve from your case..

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