We proudly support World Autism Awareness Month during the month of April. The world autism awareness day was yesterday April 2nd. We Dodge & Vega deep ties to the autism community and are proud to help support and sponsor autism awareness. The official color of autism awareness is blue. Many famous buildings and homes including the Empire State building in NYC will “light it up blue” on April 2nd. You will likely see many of our attorneys and staff wearing blue t-shirts. You may see blue lights in our lamps, or blue balloons and banners in our offices. We have pledged to help raise awareness for autism and are proud to help support the community of professionals dedicated to researching causes and cures for autism. New findings have recently been released citing autism as the most prevalent childhood affliction. More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with cancer, aids, diabetes, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy combined!

In one year from yesterday on the World Autism Awareness Day of April 2nd of 2013 – Ben Dodge and Bacho Vega will begin an epic journey to raise funds and awareness for Autism by running nearly 2,000 miles from the border of Canada to the Border of Mexico along the Pacific Coast and then finishing in Phoenix Arizona. The journey will consist of each runner running the full distance at an average of 50 miles per day for 6 weeks. No one has ever dared to run this far in the name of Autism. Ben and Bacho are excited as they prepare for this epic journey focused on doing their part to help the cause of autism.

Some of our favorite Autism links: