One of the most common concerns of homeowners who are considering filing for bankruptcy is whether or not they will lose their home if they file for bankruptcy. In many cases, you will not have to give up your home simply because you have found yourself in financial trouble, and have chosen to file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. There are certain circumstances which could lead to your property being foreclosed upon as well as alternatives that could be helpful, such as a short sale. If you are current on your mortgage payments, and you wish to continue living in your home, our firm may be able to help avoid losing the property.

Arizona law permits the complete exemption of certain properties providing their value does not exceed the limits as laid out in the Arizona statutes. To gather a more complete understanding on Arizona bankruptcy exemptions, and to determine if your home and property qualify for exemption, we recommend you contact our firm to discuss your situation with an experienced Mesa bankruptcy lawyer. The lawyers at our firm have more than 35 years combined experience helping clients navigate through a range of different bankruptcy situations. We know that each situation is different, and that is why we work closely with our clients to determine the course of action that will best suit their needs, and allow them to regain control of their finances.