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Worried about dividing property in divorce?

Frequently, one of the most difficult and complicated issues in a divorce is the dividing of marital property. Whether you’re discussing who gets the family residence or the family pet, the situation is often primed for conflict. If you are ending your marriage and are concerned about your financial standing in the final decree, you require the assistance of a qualified and experienced Mesa divorce lawyer at Dodge & Vega, PLC. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation at your earliest opportunity and rest assured that if we are retained in your case, we will use every legal means possible to see that you are treated fairly in the divorce process.

Divorce Lawyer Assisting in Mesa Property Division

Arizona is a community property state, and as such the property of married couples is either community owned (acquired by both spouses during their marriage) or separately owned (acquired by each person prior to the marriage/through inheritance or gifts). Our laws require that in order to equitably divide marital property, courts must first identify the property in question, then classify it as community or separate property and lastly determine its value. Only then can it be divided up equitably between the spouses. These issues are very complex; however, the existence of pre & post nuptial agreements that outline dividing assets and debts can greatly reduce the likelihood of prolonged legal disputes as well as legal separation agreements that speak to possible property division difficulties.

At Dodge & Vega, our attorneys have 16 years of legal experience and are well-equipped to handle all types of property division cases, including situations where one or both spouses may be filing for bankruptcy. We understand how difficult such matters are at this stressful time in your life and will bargain tirelessly for a solution that allocates your most important property to you. Failing negotiation, however, please know that at your direction, we are fully prepared to aggressively pursue your property interests in court.

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