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If you have experienced a change in life circumstances, whether it be related to your income or your living situation, then you may need to request a modification to the child custody agreement that you share with your former spouse. At Dodge & Vega, PLC, we have experience in all manner of custody cases, and we can provide you with immediate assistance in requesting a modification with the court. Contact a Mesa divorce lawyer at our firm who will work to obtain a beneficial result in your case.

Only a family court judge can order a modification to a child custody decree. A parent can request the modification with a judge, but must be able to provide proof of a “substantial and continuing change of circumstances.” The parent must also be able to show that the new arrangement will serve the best interests of the child. As a change in residence or parenting time can have a significant effect on a child’s well being, a judge will usually only grant a modification for very compelling reasons. Instances of child abuse or neglect, parental health problems, or parental drug and alcohol problems are all motivations that will likely cause a judge to rule in favor of a modification.

Family Court and Child Custody Modifications

In our state, both parents are entitled to seek help from a family court in an attempt to enforce their parental rights in regards to child custody decrees. If you are in need of a modification, you can request one at any time. Conversely, if you would like to a block the other parent’s attempts at a modification, because you feel it would go against the interests of your child, then you can appeal to family court for assistance in doing so.

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