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What is involved in a legal separation?

Legal separation is an option some people choose when they do not want to obtain a divorce but do not wish to continue living as husband and wife. The reasons for this may be a religious aversion to divorce or the desire to maintain the financial benefits available to them from their married status, such as health care benefits. Others may not be sure they wish to separate permanently and wish to live separately and apart while they review this decision.

The process of legal separation is very similar to that of divorce, the only major difference being that there is not an official dissolution of the marriage. The parties still determine matters such as property divisionchild custodyvisitationchild support and spousal supportDividing assets and debts and obtaining specific arrangements regarding the care of the children provides the guidelines and logistical support necessary for the couple to live apart. If you wish to explore this option, a Mesa divorce attorney can provide advice and help you pursue this course of action should you decide to do so.

Mesa Divorce Lawyer

The attorneys at Dodge & Vega, PLC, are available to answer your questions regarding legal separation and assist you in any way possible. Our firm offers a free consultation so that you may find out at no cost how we can help you. Our attorneys and support staff are fluent in several foreign languages and offer personalized advice, tailored to your unique situation. Ben Dodge and Angel Vega are admitted to practice in all Arizona state and Federal courts and are members of the Arizona State Bar.

If you do not want to divorce but no longer wish to live with your ex-partner as a married couple, contact a Mesa divorce attorney for help exploring the option of legal separation.

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