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Enforcing Child Custody in Mesa

Child custody and Family-Law/Dividing-Assets.aspx agreements are legally binding court orders that can be enforced if necessary. If your former spouse is not letting you see your child, or is keeping your child beyond scheduled visitation periods, then you may be able to enforce your custody rights by going to a family court. Additionally, you can seek help from the court if you have been wrongfully or falsely accused of violating the child custody agreement you share with the other parent. A Mesa divorce attorney can provide you with help in child custody matters that is intended to bring about the desired result in your case.

As today’s society is very mobile, it may become necessary for you to seek the enforcement of your child custody agreement across state lines or national borders. If your former spouse lives outside the state, and is violating custody terms, the court will need to intervene, as a complex set of laws and regulations govern national and international custody disputes. They will also need to address any matter related to parental kidnapping, if the other parent has left the state with your child without first notifying you. It is to your benefit to hire an experienced attorney who can represent you in your dealings with the court and fight for the enforcement of your parental rights.

Legal Help for Child Custody Enforcement

Dodge & Vega, PLC is committed to upholding the parental rights of individuals throughout Mesa. We understand that divorceis already difficult enough without the added complication of having to consistently fight for your custody rights. Our goal is to reach a conclusion to your case in which the terms of your custody agreement are consistently observed, allowing you to reinforce the bond you have with your child.

If you are seeking the enforcement of a child custody agreement, or if you are being accused of violating such an agreement, contact a Mesa divorce lawyer who will represent you in your case.

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