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Arizona Child Support Attorney

Child Support Information

Our state, like most other states, has a formula and guidelines that serve to establish proper child support payments in any divorce case or paternity suit. The financial figures of each parent are put into the formula, which results in a payment plan that is essentially predetermined. There is little to no negotiation that takes place. However, the elements that can be controlled in establishing child support are the financial figures themselves. Income, expenses, and parenting time can all be utilized by a Mesa divorce attorney in seeking a child support payment that best fits ones financial needs.

Dodge & Vega, PLC provides all manner of family law and divorce services to individuals throughout the Mesa area. We set ourselves apart from other family law firms in that we genuinely care about each client that we represent. We understand that divorce is difficult, as are the issues related to it such as child support. Our goal is to secure positive results on our clients’ behalf while making the entire process as easy as possible. If you need help in settling an issue of child support, we are fully prepared to give legal assistance that will increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Determining Child Support in Arizona

Many factors can influence the actual figures that are placed into a child support calculation formula, such as:

  • Accurate assessment of both parents’ incomes
  • Parenting time (parenting time is closely connected to the amount of child support one receives)
  • Changes in a parent’s income
  • One parent having considerable expenses (such as medical expenses for a child with a health condition)
  • A parent attempting to hide income

If you need assistance in correctly establishing child support after a divorce, contact an Arizona divorce lawyer
who can work towards an arrangement that benefits your financial situation.

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