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Types of Child Custody in Arizona

All child custody cases are decided on the basis of what is in the best interests of the child. When a family court is going to make a determination in a custody case, it reviews evidence submitted by both parents, including financial information, testimony, and any other information considered relevant to the case. There are several custody arrangements that are available to parents in our state, and these arrangements include:

  • Sole custody – This involves one of the parents making all of the substantial decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, such as those regarding education, medical care, and religious preference. A parent with sole custody also shares the majority of time with the child.
  • Joint physical custody – In this arrangement, both parents have equal time with the child, or very close to it. The child’s time is split between the two parent’s homes, and both parents share in the decision-making responsibilities.
  • Joint legal custody – In this arrangement, one parent may spend more time with the child, but decisions regarding the child’s upbringing are shared by both parents.

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Important Information for Custody Cases

Before a parent attempts to resolve a child custody matter, it is important that the following information be collected for use in court:

  • Income statements
  • Information about existing medical conditions
  • Criminal records (if any)
  • List of assets
  • Tax returns
  • Employment history
  • Allegations of abuse (if any)

If all of this information is provided to the court at the beginning of the process, it may serve to reduce the amount of time needed for the court to make a decision.

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