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Estate Planning for Your Future

For peace of mind that our wishes will be followed after we die or if we are incapacitated prior to death, we all need the protection of an estate plan. Unfortunately, many people put off estate planning, thinking that they are in good health and their finances are in fine order. With no guarantees that such good fortune will continue, however, and if you have your own best interests and that of your family at heart, it is imperative that you look into this issue immediately. Contact Dodge & Vega, PLC today and speak with a Mesa estate planning attorney. We are eager to discuss your wishes and help ensure that your desires are carried out with the least amount of strain put on your family. Be assured that you will rest easier knowing that the attorneys at our firm have your best interests in mind.

Experienced Arizona Estate Planning Attorney

At our firm, we focus on assuring that your personal and financial matters are appropriately handled and structured in the event of your incapacitation or death. To accomplish this end result, we bring our experience in real estate law to the area of estate planning. We can assist you with holding title to a property, transferring the title of a property prior to or after death and partitioning property as examples of the cross over between our two areas of expertise.

Other very important areas of estate planning that we offer include:

  • Creation of AB trusts, living trusts, guardianships and wills
  • Creation of healthcare and financial directives including medical and financial powers of attorney and appointment and living wills

With our extensive background and knowledge, you can be confident that we will dedicate ourselves to helping you plan for your future and protect your estate for generations to come. Planning your estate can be as simple as signing a will or as complicated as creating a living trust and other methods to reduce taxes after death and avoid Probate Court. By careful preparation, the future distribution of your assets can go very smoothly and the stress and anxiety that some families feel at this time can be avoided.Save & Approve

For guidance regarding the distribution of your estate, contact an Arizona estate planning lawyer at Dodge & Vega, PLC today.

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