Parents will almost always admit that they love to spoil their children. Whether this be in the form of letting them attempt every sport or activity known to mankind in order to help them find their niche or spending hundreds of dollars on clothes and toys. Spending money, and a lot of it, is a way of like for the average American, and in many cases that habit doesn’t change even when the budget ought to be a little tighter. It is the beginning of August, and every parent knows what that means; back to school shopping. Every child’s favorite time of the year, it is almost like Christmas for them. The thoughts of a new backpack, pencils and pens, and then the new clothes on top of it, can be thrilling. The kids anticipate the moment when they will show all of their friends their new gear.

Unfortunately for parents who are in major debt, back to school shopping can be a nightmare, how do you tell your children that they can’t have as much as last year without going into all the details of your personal financial crisis. If a parent, or parents, really sit down and plan out their spending it is very possible to save money when back to school shopping. It may also be a good idea to sit down with your children and explain some of your situation, and that a lot of spending is not the best decision. For many parents, the thought of not buying their children something that they want is heartbreaking; parents would rather sacrifice their own new clothes in order to help make the children happier. Consider buying cheaper brands or thrifting for new clothes for this season of life, children don’t need to wear the latest fashion statement brands, as long as they are presentable.

Often, it is easy for parents to spend extravagantly on their children, especially in the department of expensive clothing. While it may cost much more than an average department store, it is cheaper than the adult versions of those clothes. Consider the options that are out there and make a budget and a plan for spending. Wise decisions when it comes to shopping is going to be helpful in the bankruptcy period of life. Bankruptcy isn’t going to keep you from living comfortably forever, it just requires some discipline and patience in order to free yourself and your family from financial debt. If you have any questions or concerns regarding bankruptcy, whether seeking to file for it or in the process,
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