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How Divorce Differs from Legal Separation

How divorce differs from legal separation: In the state of Arizona, there are in actuality more similarities between a legal separation and a divorce than there are differences. In both a legal separation and a divorce, the Court will issue final orders deciding on issues such as division of debts and assets, child visitation and […]

Automatic Stay

Bankruptcy protection usually begins and ends with the Automatic Stay. Basically when a person files for bankruptcy the automatic stay is the protection that automatically kicks in and prevents creditors from seizing property, collecting against judgments, garnishing wages, foreclosing on your house, etc. It is like an invisible force field that protects you from your […]

New Proof of Claim-Rules in AZ Bankruptcy Cases

In 2005 the bankruptcy law was revamped to its current form. Periodically, the rules that govern bankruptcy are reviewed and tweaked. On December 1, 2011, some of those tweaks took effect. In chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases, creditors will feel the greatest effect with the new changes. Creditors filing proofs of claim in bankruptcy […]

Don’t Forget To Account For The Deposit

Don’t Forget To Account For The Deposit From time to time we meet property owners who forget to account to former tenants for their security deposits. Unfortunately, without the proper assistance of an attorney this oversight could end up in a lawsuit and damages imposed against the landlord. Arizona law is very specific as to […]

Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure have been

Effective December 1st, 2011 the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure have been amended. Some of tehse amendments will yet need exploring as to the implications they may have on the debtor filing bankruptcy. Some are more important for creditors and offer the debtors more protection. The most notable rule amendments in my opinion for the […]

You Served Your Notice How?

You Served Your Notice How? Landlords beware! It is common for a landlord to call our office to go over the process necessary for evicting a tenant. While discussing the factual background leading to the potential eviction it has become our practice to ask “How did you serve the notice?” The response to this question […]