If you are a user of the self-proclaimed website for adultery, Ashley Madison, you probably have had a rough few weeks. Users of this site were “victims” to hackers who exposed members’ sensitive data like email addresses and credit card information. To add insult to injury, rumors are circulating that many of the “women” who men on this website conversed with are allegedly Ashley Madison employees posing as potential mistresses.

So what does this mean for all of the unfortunate souls like Josh Duggar of 19 Kids and counting who were collateral damage in this scandal? In the State of Arizona, not much. If his spouse decided to call it quits in a state like Arizona, his Ashley Madison escapades would not have much bearing on a dissolution proceeding. That is because Arizona is a no-fault state, meaning that the Court does not consider marital wrongdoing by either party.

This is one ugly story — hopefully, it doesn’t get any uglier.