If you have experienced a time in which you forgot to pay a credit card bill or another payment on a loan, etc. you know what it is like to have creditors that want their payments contact you. Many situations could be considered harassment, because there are certain rules and regulations in which creditors must abide by, no matter the amount of money that is due to their company. People that are in any form of debt are protected by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) which restricts any debt agency or company from seeking repayment in an abusive, harassing, or threatening way. Are you uncertain as to whether or not the creditors are harassing you? Consider how many times they call you each day, or how many emails and letters you are receiving on a weekly basis. If you feel as though the amount is unnecessary or reaching a level of being inappropriate, it is critical to contact your bankruptcy lawyer today.

Are you considering filing for bankruptcy and are hesitant because of the horror stories that you have heard regarding creditor harassments? Fear not, at the Law Offices of Dodge & Vega, we specialize in bankruptcy and are here to help you not only in the act of filing for bankruptcy, but also to help you keep the creditors at their legal distance. Another option to consider is that by filing for bankruptcy, and this in of itself can lead towards lessening the harassment. Discuss with your attorney as to which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you, and by doing so it places a legal halt on all of your debt which will keep creditors and foreclosures from coming after you. Chapter 7 bankruptcies is considered to be the act of liquidating or discharging debt without scheduling a payment plan, not all debt falls under this category so it is important to discuss with a lawyer.

Chapter 13 is more of payment plan rather than debt elimination; it will help the client to slowly get back on their feet by paying back the debt. If a creditor still wishes to discuss options with you, they are required by law to go through the attorney rather than contacting you individually, again to help protect bankruptcy clients from harassment. Your attorney during the bankruptcy process will help you set up a specific meeting with your creditors to discuss the next steps of action now that you are under an official bankruptcy claim. Filing for bankruptcy has many different facets to consider so it is important that you have an experience attorney who knows the laws pertaining to your specific state who is ready to help you in this process and fight for you against any creditors that may be illegally harassing you. Contact the law office of Dodge & Vega today for a free consultation!

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