Alimony Payments in Mesa Divorce

A major issue in many divorces is whether or not one of the parties will be ordered to pay spousal support, also known as alimony. The settlement of an uncontested divorce is usually much easier and smoother when both spouses are in agreement on the necessity of an alimony plan and the terms of the plan, while the time and effort involved in a contested divorce is often due to battles over this same topic. Whether you want to receive support or are concerned about being ordered to pay, you should work with an experienced Mesa divorce attorney who can represent your interests and help you ensure that you aren’t placed in financial difficulty at the end of your divorce.

Under Arizona Revised Statutes 25-319, either spouse can request spousal support as part of the divorce settlement, provided that any of these conditions are met by that party:

  • The divorce would leave insufficient property to meet the reasonable needs of the party making the request
  • The person would be unable to be self sufficient through available employment, or has child custody under conditions that make it equitable to receive enough support to make it possible to stay at home with the child
  • The receiving party made significant contributions to the education of the other spouse
  • The divorce is the end of a marriage of long duration, and would leave the receiving spouse unable to maintain an acceptable standard of living

The amount of support will be determined in negotiations or by the judge, as will be the duration, which may be temporary or long-term, according to the circumstances of the marriage.

Spousal Support Attorney in Mesa

At Dodge & Vega, PLC, our attorneys understand how vital it is for you to walk away from your divorce with a spousal support agreement that will allow you to move comfortably into your new life. Being ordered to pay an unfair amount or being awarded less than you really need, both can cause serious problems in the months and years after your divorce. One of the attorneys from our firm will meet with you to determine your objectives and the best strategy for achieving a successful resolution. They can also assist you with a petition for a modification to the order if your circumstances have changed and you need to adjust the monthly amount of support.

Contact a Mesa spousal support lawyer for skilled representation during your divorce to make sure that your settlement works for you.