Dodge & Vega, PLC is a full service law firm representing individuals and businesses with business entity selection and formation. Our Attorneys work with clients to help them choose the correct entity for their business needs.To succeed in business it is important to have a plan and to choose the proper entity. Our attorneys and staff will communicate with you in order to understand you personal situation, risks, and desires. They will help guide you through potential liability issues, asset protection, and management structure to help your business succeed.

Each business entity has its own requirements for planning, structure and relationships. Once you have chosen an entity (corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships, and others) our attorneys will help you create an agreement to define the relationship between the members, managers, partners, and/or shareholders.

When selecting business advice, you need help from attorneys that know the law and will provide cost effective services. Our attorneys will work closely with you to achieve your business goals in an effective and timely manner.

At Dodge & Vega, PLC we represent hundreds of startup companies and are an experienced business law firm offering cost effective and sound legal advice so our clients have a great foundation.

For help starting you business or forming an entity that fits your business plans and goals, contact our attorneys today.

Our business assistance is not limited to the initial startup of your business but our lawyers can also assist you with contract disputes, commercial real estate acquisition, lease agreements, debt collections, and other business concerns.

Contracts and Contract Litigation: We can assist you with negotiations, drafting, and enforcement of contracts. We also represent businesses in litigation for breach of contract and debt collection.

At Dodge & Vega, PLC we believe that an informed client is a happy client. We consult with our clients, understand their short term and long term goals, and then assist them in fulfilling their goals.

Our attorneys understand that the goal of any business is to be successful; our desire it to provide the help needed to assist you achieve success and for our firm to build lifelong relationships with our clients. We offer cost-effective legal services to business startups as well as established businesses. To schedule an appointment to discuss your business needs, contact a business law attorney at Dodge & Vega, PLC today.

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